Sunday, August 30, 2015


While the Mistress is out cavorting, as Social Director, things must go on and I  was just thinking Philadelphia and the Casa is about to get real crazy.
 In his first visit to the United States, Pope Frankie will visit Philadelphia in September and officials say he’ll draw over a million tourists to the city. But how will the city handle the influx, and what are the details of how this might affect your life here in the city, if you live here, for a few days? City officials with the help of the Secret Service are still tight-lipped about security efforts. But I can let you in on one highly guarded secret. Pope Francis will actually be staying in the West Wing of the Casa du Borghese as a guest of the Mistress where they have planned some highly and lively topics of discussion planned. Only problem is the Mistress has been going through confessions first...yeah, just what I said, years and years and years of debauchery being told.....and the good priest, he has been working closely with the Mistress... has also had a time with him....
the mistress has a terrible effect, and IT has been one hell of a exotericism.

Friday, August 28, 2015


Screw this shit, it can wait till Monday!!!!
I don't know about you, but after a three day work week, I'm bushed!!!! Cock-a-tail time!!!! I'll be back next week, as my ever busy social whirlwind continues. I have the Capital Street Duo, my good close friends, coming in town for a visit, and my suitor from Denver yet again, on Sunday till Tuesday. Help yourself to a stiffener won't you?
Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, August 27, 2015


It has been a very fun summer so far, what can I tell you! Right after my jaunt glamping in the Pocono's, it was off the next day to my favorite summer time haunt.... a lovely little spigot of land.....Provincetown, with the my clan!

 Pride, tolerance and good times perfectly describe Cape Cod’s Provincetown – America’s ultimate GLBT vacation spot. It is no coincidence that for more than 50 years, the gay and lesbian community returns every summer to Provincetown. The recent development/tourism development of Provincetown owes much to this community here where one can find a place to feel at home. Nice people, tee shirt shops and lots  of award winning fudge, lovely beaches and many , many cock-a-tails to be had, P-Town has it all! Hell even the Pilgrims came here first. Some reasons I loved this trip.....
Our host's rental this year. A quaint little house with 7 gay guys staying here. We needed as shoe horn to make us fit, and slept three deep! And they had the most tasty breakfast wines.
It’s A Giant Outdoor Gym.
The bike trails are intense and beautiful, and a hike across the breakwater will work out your quads better than any personal trainer. The ocean water is brisk and relatively safe for long swims—and it gives the studly year-rounders a wizened Paul Newman kind of sexiness. Or take a hike to see the various lighthouses. The beach we went to was Herring Cove, which was also a nice hike. Not to mention all the free cardio guys get on the side, if you know what I'm stepping in. Tons of walking through town seeing sights.
A Parade!!
It was a sweet day for a parade in Provincetown on Thursday as the annual Carnival attracted around 90,000 party-goers to the Outer Cape. This year’s theme was Candyland, which resulted in eclectic and sometimes provocative outfits and parade floats.Costumes ranged from lollipops to cotton candy, and other candy-related themes and characters.The annual event, sponsored by the Provincetown Business Guild, is considered one of the largest outdoor celebrations in New England.
the fabulous Hat Sisters!
I was this close to putting him in my Candy Shop!!!!!

Miss Richfield 1981
 You can hook up without a hookup app.
Call me old fashioned dears, but I'm hands on, and in your face. I like to see in person what I'm getting, and will melt in my mouth. Remember when guys got together by meeting in three dimensional space? Go back to ancient times, when gays cruised each other at bars, street corners, even at getting a coffee at 8am. Or after last call, when everyone congregates at Spiritus Pizza. And after that? Word has it that there’s a lovely little gathering place for gentlemen affectionately called the Dick Dock.
And speaking of like a orgasm in the mouth!
Just for Norma Desmond! Yes dear, we hit Spiritus everyday!!!!!! A must try!
The food here is great, from the top end tinkly wine glass type of restaurant to the fish and burger joints on MacMillan Wharf. There is also a supermarket so you can do it on the cheap. My other favorite place is the Lobster Pot.

Tea Dance at the Boat Slip. Need I say more?
 The shopping is actually incredible.
Loved this little kitschy shop. I really like how the seashells were displayed. From high end boutiques, home stores, novelties and the AWARDING WINNING's all here.
It’s the gay Borscht Belt.

The town’s galleries open their doors Friday evening, many with bottles of inexpensive Pinot Grigio, and some free wine at some spots. I suggest starting up at AMP Gallery on the West End and working your way east. Hit up Four Eleven Studio, William Scott Gallery and Provincetown Art Association and Museum and ending up at The Schoolhouse Gallery. Then go back and hit the ones you missed. And then there's the shows!! Drag is king in P-Town: Dina Martina, Miss Ridgefield 1981, Varla Jean Merman, Coco Peru, Courtney Act and Bianca Del Rio are just a few of the must-see experiences. We caught Courtney's act, and the ever handsome Well Strung String Quartet.
We saw the fabulous Miss Richfield 1981 and Dina Martina on the street with the fresh tips.
We met up for dinner and dancing with frequent blog commenter, and Casa du Borghese hussy. Pearly Gates...when she wasn't busy mugging in the Port-o-Potty!
It was another fun and fabulous time in Provincetown. The only thing we missed this year was our usual whale watch and seafood bake, in lieu of doing some art and seeing some shows. But a huge thank you to all for your wonderful hospitality, our hosts for putting us up, and to Glen at Crown and Anchor for hooking me up with refreshing complimentary gin and tonics!!!!!  And to Pearly for your time and seeing your show. It's always a pleasure.
The sun-kissed Clan!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


 While you Mistress had another lovely vacation and just in from the antics of Provincetown, my first stop was glamping!!!!Why yes.... glamping!!!!! Is there any other way? The Mistress can pop a tent, but prefers the comforts of a glamper! If you ever have the chance to get east and are in the area, and you love the great outdoors, this  lovely little spigot of land is for you!!! At the Woods Campground, Not only will no one bat an eye if your dressed or undressed, but everybody gets along swimmingly, and all types are welcomed. The happiest guest and a most gracious staff you'll meet. Granted 3/4 are well marinated in the sauce. I was the guest of my dear old ,old friend Winfred, who put us up for the weekend. I always choose this time to go for it is there Illumination Weekends, one the the prettiest, most magical weekends they have. The camp trails and walk ways are all lined with luminary bags, I thought I heard someone say the bags were in the thousands this year, and just about every site is decorated with some form of lights, candles, torches and the shy is the limit with a theme. One guest was even lighting Chinese lanterns that rise high in the air before they extinguish. Here were some highlights form my glamping......
Illumination night....
Such hospitality!!!! How cute was this for passer bys
The Year of the Dragon I believe. Incredible!
A Ode to Respect of the Cock. I do believe my "friend" tried to pilfer a few of these.
How glamp is this site???? The host here even gave guest a spiked frozen pop stick! Unbelievable style.
A balloon chandelier!
Illumination was not only pretty, but was even more spectacular this year due to the fact two of my friends got married by candlelight in a touching ceremony on their site, after being together for 24 years!!!!! It was raccoon time for me.
All the comforts are here....
The very fun pool and clubhouse is the place to see and be seen.....complete with top notch entertainment!!!
As one can see, there were just a few people in the pool.....

to watch the show.....
And this hunk...HUBBA HUBBBA!!!!!!
and no night is complete without a night swim...
Of course, the grounds are well kept and very pretty indeed. Most days the gazebo offers wonderful massages, and love the fish pond at the guest services.....
And my favorite part of the grounds is the wonderful lake and trails , some of which require the Mistress to take a carafe of gin.
Your Mistress and friend Kyle were on the dock one night. We always like to go there around 2am after dancing, before turning in, to look up at the stars, almost like a meditation. It's so dark, and the stars look so brilliant. Of course Kyle left me there one night when a passed out fell sleep. Next thing I know, I awoke to the early morn light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When in the Pocono's, summer or not, it can get nippy at night. Hence why my hootch bag is the heaviest bag I take!!!! But fear not....the camp host a huge bonfire at night around 9pm on the weekend nights, and draw quite the crowd. It's always a great place to meet new friends. Just don't stand to Aqua Netted coiffure almost went up one night.
And I may have had fun, but it was no man who melted my heart. It was the charms of this adorable pup who did!!!!! A Dachshund/Pomeranian mix.
And just for the wonderfully talented Tomass Hawkke, I came back from my nature trip with a big bunch of ferns!!!!!!!!
To check at the Woods Campground, just click link to the right, or click on the Woods label in my tags to read about others post I have done. Thanks to everybody for a wonderful know who you are!!!!!!!!
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