Monday, August 3, 2015


Candis Cayne gets another 15 minutes!
I have always loved me some Candis since she started out as doing drag in New York....what a phenomenal performer and very sweet person, and then she hit big time on what I thought was an entertaining show, Dirty Sexy Money, a huge role for a trans person and among one of the first to be featured in a television series. But now she's back on I am Cait. A nice tip of the hat to Cali Boi and company at Weho Confidential........
Legendary transgender actress Candis Cayne, as many of you know, has been "seeing" Caitlyn Jenner for some time now.

Well, she's now appeared on I Am Cait. And no FREE work, this bitch is getting serious cash $$$. We can't disclose the info but it's substantial! She is SAG/AFTRA and diamonds don't pay for themselves! And we have to say, bravo baby! You look amazing and deserve the attention! We will wind up your timer for another 15 minutes bitch BECAUSE you are a STAR! 

Just last year, Candise was ripping tickets at the door of Rasputin (a failed nightclub) getting paid an "appearance fee", which by Luke Nero's standards is aledgedlly around $20 and a drink ticket! HA! Well looks like she made it back to the A List bitches!

Next time a CLUB wants Candis Cayne, you WILL pay her RENT you fucking scumbag. And let this be a lesson, don't ever write off someone as docile and friendly as Candis because she never forgets and you will be FORGOTTEN

Now all you doubters can go back to working in retail while Candis drives around in Malibu in her Maserati! 

Lesbihonest, the ULTIMATE revenge right now is being friends with Caitlyn Jenner.

*mic drop*

Enjoy your TV dinners!


Boy oh boy! While on vacation, and for some time I've been holding my tongue. The car had to be stopped for not one, but two Ignorant bitches! The first being Donald Trump, from which point on, will be ban from this blog!!!!
Do I really need to say why he is an ignorant bitch? We'd be here all day! I just can't listen to any more of his shenanigans. I have always said people either have common sense or book smarts. Well, here is a case of book smarts. Anyone with that much money would have a better barber...or invest in a better rug!!!
The second ignorant bitch goes to Dr Walter Palmer. Being a animal lover, and most friends on my inner sanctum will tell you, I'll take the side of animals over humans most days. So I was beyond outraged and saddened by the news of  Cecil. The mighty lions, are among nearly 23,000 species at risk of dying out. The lion remains listed as vulnerable at a global level, with its western African subpopulation listed as "critically endangered" due to over-hunting and dwindling prey. And then we have ignorant people like this man killing the beauty of these animals, for shear fun. And not just one, but at least 6 other big game animals.  Hell,even the publicists involved with lion-killer, Dr. Walter Palmer need crisis managers. The Minnesota dentist has gone underground amid an onslaught of criticism after he killed Cecil the Lion, and good thing. If he shows up around the Casa, I have just the place for him.......
It really is just sad. Humans, like this man, have an endless appetite for consumption. We generally are takers of this planet, not givers. I don't know if we are disciplined enough to save anything from extinction…..including ourselves probably. Humans could be lifted off of the face of the Earth and the planet would be fine. Start removing other species, and then there are problems.
Add this ignorant, and miserable looking bitch to the list too! Idaho huntress Sandra Corgatelli has been posting pictures on her Facebook page of various kills she has made recently during a legal hunt in South Africa. One of them is of her standing with a dead giraffe wrapped around her that has attracted hundreds of negative comments. She describes it in her post as "a feeling I will never forget." A giraffe? really???
 So Let's just drop these three in the plains of Africa to feed the big cats, shall we? On second though, even they deserve grade-A meat.

Sunday, August 2, 2015


I am finally back from the most wonderful Fire Island vacation, and two days ago got burnt before leaving..........
 After a ferry ride back, and then a long car ride, it was under a umbrella for me yesterday at the Raven pool. Why yes, your Mistress did head to the pool. Can you think of a better way to recuperate after such a long ride??? Please stand by for coverage of Fire Island this week, if were lucky. More than 300 photos to edit! Not to mention a thing called work, and making pit stops to visit you all. Stand by for the beauty… of the landscape, homes, and the boyz!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Hello & Buh-Bye Everyone!
It's important to take time off, don't you agree???? I'm off again**** this time with Mistress Maddie's #1 Fan and Preston and some new friends for my first visit ever to the infamous Fire Island, where I'm sure to make a spectacle big splash, and of course hold court.....
and maybe catch the eye of a new gentlemen.....
In my absence, and since the houseboys are too, your welcome to join in the Ladies Tea Dance every afternoon! The Lesbyterians in my neighborhood are a fun and wild bunch.And who says they don't like a good ball toss????
I'll back in a couple weeks! Don't do anything I wouldn't!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Today at the window while enjoying breakfast. After the doves and others leave , well, more like chased away by my red bellied woodpecker! She often visits as they like the fruit and nuts I put out. And like clock work,  every morning I am awoken by the very fast pecking on the spouting. My other neighbors have also heard the pecking as it is loud!!! Why she does this is beyond me. At times though she has shared the window sill with others. So beautiful though.......
 And I say she because, believe it or not, this is the baby..... it's head is not as red yet. And it still has a little hissing vocal. The mother is in the process of leaving her little one.
In addition to them, I also have a mother and baby Downy Woodpecker. I finally captured the baby yesterday in some snaps.... excuse the little one, someone needs a napkin.
And last night a snapped this while enjoying drinks at the neighbors... not sure if a moth of butterfly.




Monday, July 20, 2015


Happy Monday all!!!
Today started my second vacation, and since I'm ahead of the game of getting ready for my trip, and before company arrives tomorrow to whisk me away, I'm spending the day up at the lake to take a run, then do some kayaking.I had a lovely breakfast this morning while watching Bonnie, Clyde and company.....
Loved this shot of Jay flying away.......
I really need to stop walking around in Calvin's....!

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