Friday, May 22, 2015


For those of us in the states, it is Memorial Weekend, and the beginning of my 6 day weekend! And we are thankful to those who sacrificed so much courage for this country! What is everybody up too??? I'm going out of town later tonight to Virginia to visit family for a picnic, and a pit stop in Rehoboth Beach on my way back, to get my dance on with a friend . It's already been a relaxing day. Spring is now entering summer mode......scenes from my 5 mile hike up at the lake this morn......only minutes from my flat...........

The lake is a huge one, its always so peaceful up there. I took a canoe out after I walk , and then enjoyed the wildlife preserve at the one end of the lake. Once back I made my morning coffee and a light breakfast while enjoying a fury of activity on the finch socks!!!!!!!!
As you can see there bright yellow has returned!!!!!!

And in other news Foxy has been sited with two new pups. And Stanley and Helen, the two nesting mallards are trying to defend there own. Yikes. I must have a conversation with fox , and tell her to mind herself, it jus ain't fittin, I tell you.
I'll return next week, so you all have a nice Memorial Weekend.How are you feeling summer coming in your zip code? Have a good one!

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Yeah right. Ms Moorecock tells me there are 9 guys at the door. I says, I'm exhausted......send one home.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Shari Turner.....what a talented queen! Shari Turner is a beast from the East whom I've had the privilege to meet on several occasions, and hails from the Cleveland / Lakewood border of Ohio. One of the most pleasant and breathtaking divas I met. I'm here to tell you...during one of her performances, there is RARELY a dull moment. And hard to guess, make up is a huge passion of hers. But what I remember most from her was a quote......" I am what I am, and I say what I feel, because I know that people who matter to me won't mind.....and the people that mind......don't matter." words to live by and how true Shari.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


With a ring at the Casa du Borghese's doors today, a salesman came a calling....... where I made him quite comfortable....
I don't recall what he was selling, but I bought plenty.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


My mother and grandmother always said no wearing of white before Memorial Day. Every year around this time, the fashion periodicals start the "Do you have to wait to wear white?"This weekend is New Hope Celebrates, our grand gay pride festivities, all week long with events and drag shows, ending with festival and parade, and as you can see, broke out the white as I'm thinking of it making its appearance. How did this tradition start? Well, it began in the 1930's with the well heeled and rich wearing all white in the summer, giving the look of leisure. In the 1950's it expanded to the middle class and GRITS, girls raised in the south. Although some believe its a old southern tradition because of the heat. So I love me my white denim and just may break my old school rule!!!
In other news, I met a new neighbor. A man! But don't get excited. He has already complained of all the bird racket in the morning. Because as your aware, I have quite the bird arboretum. He reminds me of Spanky MacFarlane with his rotund build and round face. The only thing missing is the ball cap with propeller atop. He said he feels like getting out a sling shot for the birds. Makes me want the pet peacock all the more. I'll so go all Darla on his ass.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


So I finally gave in and gave my Social Director, Anita Moorecock time off for vacation. I hear she stayed local and is doing some charity work across town. Watch how much lipstick you use gurl! I just hope she doesn't drink on the job...........

Monday, May 11, 2015


Monday again??? Ever notice how Monday is like a really terrible lover? They both come to quickly.........

Sunday, May 10, 2015


A very Happy Mothers Day to all readers who just happen to be Mothers, and to all the mothers out there!!! I'm am at the ancestral home currently, where I arrived Friday to spend time with with my beloved Mother. I pull in and there she was......taking a tibble in the drive with Pooch!!!!!! Today I'll be cooking a dinner for her and my aunt. I have decided on Pork loin with a sauce I make of Mandrain orange, ground ginger root, honey and soy sauce! Along with a nice red wine and three accompanying side dishes. My dear Mother only had one child, and she says all the time she broke the mold on getting a perfect child. But I disagree and think I got the perfect, beautiful Mother. Which ever the case, it me and her and her and I. Not quite Big and Little Edie Beale.......but not far from the tree either!!! Happy Mothers Day!!!!
Now bring on the happy hour bell.....

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