Monday, September 1, 2014


Meanwhile at the Casa du Borghese.......
apparently the neighborhood showed up for a Labor Day picnic , not knowing the Mistress was in from P-Town, spent a day with the Lad at the Raven pool, but then repacked and went to the Pocono Mountains....... 
Pearl Cromwell didn't look happy at wasting her new hat for a no show. I also heard that the ever selfish Issy was two plating it again. She still thinks her deviled eggs are taster than that of the Casa. Meanwhile the houseboys are really enjoying life at the woods......I know I am......
Be back in about another week!!!
ps- does anyone remember where I work, or what I do?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I just had to interrupt my vacation to wish one of my dearest and OLDEST friends a Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today. Pearly Gates was kind enough to let me post from her lovely shack of the beach.... Today is my good friend and sister Mame's aka David Dust's birthday!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!! I would have baked you a cake, but alas, I don't have a pan long enough to fit that many candles on it!! Now I know some of you know my sister Mame, not from her legendary drinking habits, or her keen eye talents for picking just the right hot go-go boy bar, or even her knowledge of where every damn Arby's is located, but from her legendary blog David Dust. She is doing just fine, and in a text today the old hag said she enjoyed a lovely Birthday Happy Hour out last night to celebrate the occasion. Knowing her, she probably closed down the Village last night!!!

The old gal looks pretty good for 105 wouldn't you say??? I also have the feeling these weren't the only  pearls necklaces she received last night! But after seeing this picture, and she being my guide through life, you can now see where I, as her much much younger friend got my fashion sense. Now back to my drinking and debaching, site seeing and responsible behavior.
Love ya girl!!!!!
Love your crown!!!
Love always-

Friday, August 22, 2014


Well what can I say, between these vacations, the houseboys, and time at the pool, I need to get away again!!!!!!!!! We will be leaving bright and early before y'all are up probably for the gay town of Provincetown, for some fun and frolic.....
The clan and I will join others at our hosts lovely home they have there, with a seafood bake planned one night. They always do such a wonderful bake. I just hope with 9 gay guys in a house, we all get time in the bathroom. I've already been told the Lad and I will have to bunk with Preston!!!! *rumors will ensue* This has the making of a All Gay Big Brother!!!! that was for Mac.
I even decided to take Ms.Moorecock along, so if you stop by the Casa du Borghese, my houseboys will be on hand to solicit your needs. I 'll be out for a while this time. After P-Town and upon getting back ,I have another mountain jaunt planned, and then I have the visiting Capital Street Duo coming for a visit, so most likely won't be back till all is calm. Is it ever calm? I do believe I need a turn style! Did I just say that???? Please feel free to swim the pool, have a cock-a-tail, and make yourself at home,
And have you heard Miley Cyrus's newest ditty? Could never stand her till this summers song. Now I love me a little 4x4 to carry me outta here!!!!! Just follow the bouncing ball y'all! I will miss you all!!!!! Tootles!
did I really just use Miley Cyrus as a tag?

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Oh, woos me....what am I to do with these houseboys???? I may be in need of some saltpeter!!! After I depart, my guest and yourselves are always more than welcome to still stop in......but I swear...... They always seem to have their hands full......
why it's a wonder anything get done around here...... good thing their pretty to look at huh?
And Anne Marie has dibs on Big Red if I decide to auction off.....


 The Casa is having late night parties of late!!!! Those houseboys are a bad influence. Another big summer ditty I've been hearing in the clubs and sweeping the beach locales is Summertime! Shook to it quite a bit in Rehoboth. Summertime is the baby of Calvin Harris, Calvin who is a Scottish DJ, singer-songwriter, and producer. He owns the vanity label Fly Eye Records. It doesn't hurt he's also a dirty blond, blue eyed cutie!!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


soooooooo, I was just thinking....I could get used to this!!!!
yes, I went on vacation again *ducts the snapping wet towels* last Friday and I'm now off till after Labor Day. Can I help my company offers me so much vacation????
Well, the weather here has been just beautiful, just perfect really, and before hitting the road for another locale I thought a day at the Raven Pool was called for. So greetings from the Raven......
ahhhhhh nice and relaxing..........
the view is splish-splash gloriousss...
and you know me I love umbrellas and color and after a nip, started snapping away.....
...and of course
the day would not be complete without a delicious cock-a-tail or two!
  pass me another pretty please...and served by that cutie Marcus....
And that sky........


I love dance music, and summer brings out the best! Since July I have been enthralled with the song, Hideaway by Kiesza who is a Canadian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and dancer from Calgary who has most recently worked out of New York City and London. She is best known for her summer hit.......Hideaway, just love the groovy sound to it, and the house sound, not to mention that voice...... makes me dance like hell when I'm out, and behind closed doors in my briefs!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


As you know I was away for some fun and folic the Woods Campround over the weekend. In addition to the fun with friends, there is always something for a good some of the signs....

But the other entertainment is the Grande Dames of the Woods. They are all swell, and what's great about them is that they are in drag for a good time, and provide laughs for the guest there. They don't take the drag serious, and that's what I love!!! Good ole campy fun!!!! And their all such sweet hearts.
  HEDI HO,  the grande dame of the camp, and is usually hosting the drag shows. She is also famous for her Club Car golf cart, which she has flipped twice, and gotten stuck on rocks or on the field multipe times!!!!!
Scatina, who is always fond of baring her beaver.......
Greeting from the litter's Miss Kitty, a real beauty to make one purrrrrrr......
The nature Queen.....Fancy!!!!
The fabulous Comchita Swallows..... A very popular gal!!!!!!!!
And last, but not least is Loren, whipped cub and other delights abound!!!!
What a fun bunch of bitches!
The lovely photos were all taken at the Woods Campground, by the talents of photographer Scott Mallinger. Styling and make up by Dr. D and Hellyn Bed.
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