Saturday, July 4, 2015


Yes..... yours truly is feeling patriotic today!!!!
Even the doves are digging old glory!
I'll be out for a picnic today with friends, and have already entertained my new hunky neighbor, who just moved from Denver, (oh I didn't mention that sooner), and another good neighbor, for morning muffins and mimosas and watched our little hamlet's July Fourth parade. It's a bit cool, and hopefully the rain will hold out for my friends BBQ. Meanwhile on my last vacation, I also visited the Capital Street Duo, who have there summer courtyard all bejeweled......
Meanwhile I'm all set. Patriotism.check. Gin.check.Cigar. check.........
Have a wonderful weekend everybody~
...and for those of us here in the States, Happy Fourth of July!

Friday, July 3, 2015


I have been seeing the commercials for about a month or so now … Heinz has introduced a new yellow mustard that is meant to push-out their longstanding rival French’s from your summertime hotdogs and hamburger oink fests.  What has always been a grill-side staple of Heinz ketchup and French’s yellow mustard, which has always been a happy coexistence of two rival condiments that complimented each other perfectly and who always had a spot in a condiment caddy at my grandmothers' house on the picnic table, are now in the midst of a nasty breakup leaving us, the hotdog and hamburger consuming public, choosing sides.  I for one am 100% in French’s camp.  The fact that the evil Heinz empire is not content with being the largest selling brand of ketchup in the United States and wanting to branch-out and corner the market and monopolize on mustard too, is absolutely repulsive  When I found out that French’s has retaliated by introducing their own line of ketchup, I anxiously scanned the supermarket shelves to show my love for this beloved underdog company and their right to exist in the marketplace. So, next-time you’re poolside, grill-side, lakeside, campfire-side, ocean-side, bed-side.... reach for the French’s and tell these money-hungry bitches at Heinz that they can take their “57 Varieties” and shove ‘em! Money-hungry rat finks! How dare they disrupt the harmony of the picnic tradition!!!


..... live a little and pick a new libation for this holiday weekend.......
...and meet me poolside to watch my newest houseboy getting out of the pool, over and over and over......
Bottoms up!!!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Here in Philadelphia currently, drag is becoming renewed and producing some fine queens, and one of those up and comers is the fabulous Pissi Myles!!! Pissi Myles was born kicking and screaming to become a queen and hasn't stopped since. When she knows where she is, she puts on a damn good show. Pissi continues to live a lifestyle of attention seeking lavishness. Never happy to play second fiddle, she will grease a staircase all the way to the top! Pissi most currently won Mimi Imfurst's second season of Drag Wars here in the city, and has since already got her own weekly show What Make Me Pissi, and Lipschtick, both at L'Etage, and has other various shows around the city. If your in and around Philadelphia, check this queen out. She is bringing the fresh. Cheers! Pissi Myles.


The gays are gaga for Hillary, well... at least at the last luncheon I was at..... and friend of Adrian Anchondo of Maroon 5 is celebrating the former First Lady’s presidential campaign with a new music video starring Drag Race fave Pandora Boxx. Set to the tune of Maroon 5’s “Sugar,” “The Hillary Song” sees Pandora giving us some hilarity in some pantsuit fierceness and crashing a gay BBQ. Perhaps Hillary may want to use this song after all.
And up next will be Delta Work as Governor Chris Christie in "Where's my Krispy Crème?"

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


There is something about the first vacation of summer. For me, it's always long over due after the fall and long winter, so I'm usually very much always looking forward to it and ready to go, being I'm definitely a summer baby. And if my good friend Dagny tells you I never work...ignore her!!! Rehoboth Beach is usually my first stop for summer, probably always will be. And you can't deny....there is something very rejuvenating about the beach, don't you think? The sea doesn't reward those who are too anxious, too greedy or too impatient. One should lie empty, open and choiceless, as a beach, waiting for a gift from the sea.
My departure outfit. And don't be fooled that's the only bag.
My home away from home..... I feel at peace here more than any other....
Preston captured this stunning sunset.......
One house....nine guys.......ohhhhh the stories. But I'm not one to kiss and tell.......
Two of Preston's friends had never had or seen salt water taffy???? Where in hell were they from Pluto? So we all went to Dolles for a taste, and one can see at times taffy being made. A taffy pull!!!! And not at the house!
Forgive me....for this next picture, but I ate my weight in these every day!!!!!!
Five of my friends from the house.....the Lad is on far right. Who knew he could jump so high?
Our lovely, personable , and hunky hosts'.........
My CUTE Chris and libations suppliers...... I've had a crush on Chris on the left for YEARS!!!!!!!!!!
It really was a lovely vacation. I love the natural feeling the ocean provides. I never feel more relaxed, alive, and beautiful then after I've been seaside. No other feeling like it. And now for my readers that have requested many, many times for a gratuitous shot of myself, WAIT NO LONGER!!!! Here I am back at the Casa with one of my huge snail shells............don't say I didn't warn you..........
Never let in it be said I don't listen to your requests!!!!!


Besides yourselves, the house and pool boys were happy to see their Mistress back.......
As you can see it was just another Tuesday around  here in the parlor........
Now I just hope I can handle a three day work week.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Greetings all!!!!
The Mistress is back at the Casa du Borghese from a fun and relaxation filled beach holiday!!!! Now I need two days to recover from the vacation!!!! And what good news we had on Friday from SCOTUS right!?!  Imagine my surprise to come home and find a disgruntled picketer at the gates of the Casa calling it Sodom and Gomorrah in the last post. Hell, I'm not even married!!!!! Here at the Casa.... we very seldom have disgruntled guest.
And by the sounds of things did you know your Mistress Borghese is apparently Queen of Gomorrah?
Thank you all for your kind words and support
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