Saturday, October 22, 2016


Well, this should certainly clear up why I have houseboys for the house chores around here. And why I had my iron taken from me.

Friday, October 21, 2016


So far, I have learned many things at my age besides looking great when stepping outside my door, and using crisp, ice cold cubes in my gin, and never, ever act your age! Here are some things I've learned thus far....
People who live in glass houses should have sex in the basement.
-Never read the fine print darlings.....there is no way your gonna like it.
-The trouble with bucket seats is that every bodies bucket isn't the same size.
Too error is human, to forgive,highly unlikely.
-The only two things we do in middle age more frequently is urinate and attend funerals.
-Do you realize that in forty years we're gonna have thousands of old people running around with unrecognized tattoos?
-Money doesn't buy you happiness. But somehow its more comfortable to cry in a Porcshe, then a Hyundai.
-Money doesn't buy you happiness. But my liquor store register tape tell a different story.
-Drinking makes some husbands see double, sleep triple,and feel single.
-Living in a nudist colony takes all the fun out of dressing up for Halloween.
-After a certain age, if you don't wake stiff, and full of aching in every joint and muscle, your probably dead.
-And lastly....IT'S FRIDAY DARLINGS.....have a big cock-a-tail to welcome the weekend!!! After all, helps us here in Bucks County.........Donald Trump is spending the day here campaigning!!! SMITIES, make mine a TRIPLE doll!!!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


So it seems there was this old married couple who hadn't celebrated Halloween for years. One night the old woman says to her husband " We haven't dressed up in years for Halloween, lets say we get dressed up and go to a party?" He says, "What the heck." So the wife goes to the bedroom, strips naked and comes out with a lemon sticking out from between her legs. He says, " You can't go like that!" She says ," I can go any damn way I want too, now go get ready." So he goes to the bathroom, stripes raving naked and emerges with a potato hanging on his willy. She says, " What the hell is wrong with you. You can't go dressed like that!" Where he replies, "If you can go dressed as a sour puss, I can go as a dick-tater!"

Saturday, October 15, 2016


Greetings from the Casa! I hope to get back to regular blogging in a couple weeks when things settle down more. But tonight, I've broke out the opera gloves for a first. The Professor and I are going shortly for an interesting event. We're going to hear a quartet play some haunting classical pieces in one of Phillies most historical cemeteries, hence music above the crypt! Of course I'll be surrounded with so much old wealthy men, just my luck their all six feet under!!! I have always been drawn to death and cemeteries, and I ADORE Halloween, so I'm loving the choice of venue, but it shocked me the Professor wanted to go. Just maybe he is turning a new leaf. Maybe even after I can get him to play out Dracula when we get back!
Tomorrow will be spent with friends in Lambertville for brunch then the Lambertville House and Garden Tour which is always a list of spectacular and historic homes. A perfect weekend to get out and enjoy the lovely autumnal weather.
Tootles for now!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


I have no idea why everyone is worked up over Trumps latest debacle and hoopla ? After all, the fabulous Ms.Slocombe has been discussing it openly for years!

Sunday, October 9, 2016


I just bet you thought this was going to be my age right??? Well, it is my birthday month, but not for a couple weeks yet. No, I'm here to follow the suit of four lovely bloggers, Anne-Marie, Jon, RJ, and Debs, who all did a post of forty questions. I always love these things. And like Joan in the boardroom..... bring it on boys........
1-Are you named after anybody? Not my whole name, but the middle name of George is a standard.
2-When was the last time you cried? When I was told I was out of gin!
3-Do you like your hand writing? Yes...i still write hand written letters. Remember them?
4-What's your favorite lunch meat? I generally love to sink into anything tubular, but a good smoked honey turkey I love.
5-Do you have any kids? Nope. Probably a good thing gay men can't get pregnant!!!
6-If you were another person, would you be friends? I would like to think so. I'd probably be checking out his ass too!
7-Do you use sarcasm? Me? Hell no why would you even give a crap if I did!
8-Do you still have your tonsils? Yes. I have everything I was born with. Never even been in a hospital or broke anything.
9-Would you bunjee jump? hell no, at least not sober. I don't mind heights though. I actually have a gift certificate from a good friend to take me up in a hot air balloon. Up up and away. My luck, I'll end up in Oz.
10- Do you untie you shoes when you take them off? Yes, always. Unless the sex can't wait in the heat of a moment.
11-What's your favorite cereal. Always granola with fresh blueberries in it. Yeah, I can get earthy.
12-Do you think your strong? Mentally yes, physically no. Although I'm scrappy, so I could defend myself. But I've always considered myself a lover, not a fighter.
13- What's your favorite ice cream? By far...chocolate chip mint!!!
14-What's the first thing you notice about people? Their expression and eyes.
15-Red or Pink? Pink. Real men aren't afraid of pink. I use all red at Christmas...and it looks like the Red Light District. Maybe pink this year no?
16-What is the least favorite thing you like about yourself? Probably my impatience. Some days at work I'm Miranda Preisley. " By all means, move at a glacial pace, you know how that thrills me"
17-What color pant and shoes are you wearing right now? Grey jeans and bare foot.
18-What are you listening to right now? Horror movies . Its Halloween after all!
19-What was the last thing you ate? A pumpkin whoppie pie!
20-If you were a crayon would color would you be? Probably a shade of blue.
21-Favorite smell? Skunk. Just said that to see if you were paying attention. My favorite smell is probably my aunts thanksgiving dinner. The smell brings good memories.
22-Who was the last person you talked to? My neighbor, Bricon.
23-Favorite sport? Sex
24-Favorite food? Pizza!!!!!!!!!
25-Hair color that's real? Yes, dirty blonde.
26-Do you wear contacts? nope
27-Scary movie or happy ending? Scary movie
28-Last movie watched? Pans Labyrinth
29-What color shirt are you wearing? Navy blue
30-Summer or winter? summer. You know I love hot weather, beaches and wearing as little as possible!!!
31-Hugs or kisses? there tongue with the kisses?
32-Sweet food? I not a big sweet person. My go to is usually cheese and nuts. But if I crave sweet, its usually a milkshake.
33-What book are you reading currently? At the moment nothing. But I do enjoy reading Tomass Hawkkes nature photography books with stunning photos and some of his passages.
34--What's on your mouse pad? Nothing, I don't have one. I have no mice in the house and sure don't want to encourage one to pee on a pad if they are.
35-What did you watch on tv last? Ruruns of Midsummer Murders.
36-Favorite sound. By far the crashing of waves, since I'm at the beaches alot, and the sound of the crickets and katydids at night . With so much time spent in summer at the beach and mountains, when fall arrives, I have a hard time at first falling asleep. The crickets are almost done at night here now.
37-Rolling Stone or Beetles? I guess it would have to be Beetles.
38-What's the farthest you have traveled? The Netherlands to Amsterdam.
39-Do you have a special talent? I need more this in or out of bed???
40- Where were you born? Earth.
Now that was a big meme.......excuse me now dears....I need a gin and tonic!

Friday, October 7, 2016


Well, not that either candidate is a complete box of chocolates, but I have long said give him enough rope, and he'll hang himself.

As for me this coming election, I plan to write in RuPaul for President. I say screw president, it is time for a Queen. And she wears much more glamorous frocks and fabulous wigs!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


With so much going on right now, its been very hectic trying to find time to blog. And now a good friend wants me to go to a Halloween party with a old Hollywood theme. Well, I at first though I'd channel Tallulah Bankhead, yeah I know, where's the stretch. But I did worry if I were to light up a cigarette, would there be five lighters out of no where to light me up???

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