Thursday, May 5, 2016


At dinner the other night, and after a couple drinks, the clan and I started a conversation about what lessons we have gotten out of life, right after of course a lot of sex talk.Well, like the line from the movie, Auntie Mame, I firmly believe in the line and my life's motto- "Live! Live! Life's a banquet, and some poor sucker are  starving to death." Later that night I compiled a list thus far of lessons I've learned from life and this is what a came to.
A day of something wonderful is better than a lifetime of nothing special.

Burn the candles, have champagne, use the nice fancy sheets, wear those hot revealing briefs. Don’t save it for a special occasion. Today is special. For you never know when life may end.
Don't wait to old age to be eccentric now.
If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn’t be in it. What would be the point.
Personal tragedy should not interfere with the ability to do good hair. Or wash your face. Or getting all dressed up before leaving the house. Understanding half the battle to regain your footing is looking the part.
Perfection is a myth. And also boring.
There is no such thing as too much
This applies to hair, jewelry, cock, laughter, heel height, pulled pork, gin, emotion, faith, sex, persistence and revelation. Contrary to the old adage, less is actually less. and more is divine!!!!
When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile
Busy is better than therapy. Know when a calamity comes knocking, don't sit on your fanny and do nothing. Productivity beats wallowing every time.
Get outside every day. Tour your area. Miracles are waiting everywhere. No need to go far for a vacation. I am amazed with things I see in my own backyard and just the local area. I am always seeing or finding something new I never saw before.
Life is a joking matter. A lesson I adored Rodney Dangerfield for.
 The more serious the situation, the more critical it is that we laugh. Humor is as lifesaving as any flotation device in the rough sea of life. So next time you hold in a whiff of wind, let if fly, you may just make someone's day with laughter.
Give in to temptation. Like Mae West, I usually avoid temptation, unless I can't resist it. Which is probably why I became sexual at 12 or 13. Otherwise Id been saying....
I probably never would have made a good Agnes Gooch
Stand your ground. I slid out of the womb with confetti, and glitter in my veins. Everybody is normal. I have always been gay from day one. To me gay is the normal and I never felt different. So everyone is normal, so stand your ground. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


As I was telling RJ, over at Meanwhile on The Left Coast, on her latest election post. I told her I'd be happy with a Hillary or a Bernie win for President at this point.....just NO TRUMP!
But should Hillary win, the jokes on her. She'll be working at the same desk Monica Lewinsky worked under once!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Laila McQueen is an edgy queen who hails from Boston and was sent home pretty early on the this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. While you may have only gotten to see a few of her avant-garde looks on the show, you haven’t seen the last of Laila. And again having seen her, she is more spectacular then she was shown. But what of this queen, who considers herself as artistic and her drag style as stripper punk. Stayed tuned for all the juicy details she whets our appetite with on this list of 10 fascinating things you never knew about her.
10. Laila has a rare anxiety disorder known as “Misophonia
9. Most of Laila’s drag career has been spent in New Hampshire
8. Laila has a degree in Fine Arts and enjoys creating art in addition to drag
7. She has a sick obsession with American artist Keith Haring
6. Laila can finish a family-sized tub of hummus in one sitting
5. As a child, Laila was always a witch for Halloween (not a wizard, a witch)
4. Laila is terrified of both turkeys and sharks
3. For vacation, Laila almost exclusively goes to clothing-optional facilities ;)
2. From age 15, and up until she got onto RuPaul‘s Drag Race, Laila hand-made all of her merchandise for her fans
1. When she was 19, Laila got banned from the University of Maine because of her drag

Monday, May 2, 2016


Who said Miss Kate couldn't get down?


Today should be a say something hat day!!!
I say let's rewind history or go back to this time period. Edwardian, pick. Who doesn't love a big hat? Another relaxing weekend. I was to go to the Shad Festival yesterday, in Lambertville, but with an over cast day and rain, I decided it was more important to stay snuggled in bed, where I stayed ensconced in the boudoir till noon!!!! I will be stopping over later for a chance at the Shad Fest....more later. Here's hoping we all have a lovely Monday!!!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2016


As is tradition at the Casa du Borghese every May......
Hooray, Hooray,
It's the first of May,
Outdoor screwing begins today!!
Not my Bonnie and Clyde, but I think  we know where this is going.
You were expecting houseboys, weren't you?


While doing my post for Deee-Lite's National Week, I dropped down one of those deep Internet rabbit holes this week till it led me to footage of New York nightclubs in the 1980s. I did this for hours. I found some crazy good stuff, but I took a major detour along the way watching vintage live Deee-Lite performances. I was only here for the 90's nightlife, so I can't imagine what the 80's felt like. Although the members of DeeeLite came from all over the globe—Super DJ Dmitri hailing from the Ukraine, Towa Tei born in Korea, but raised in Tokyo, and Lady Miss Kier Kirby grew up all over the place, mostly near Yougstown and Pittsburgh—I thought that Deee-Lite were the most “New York” sounding group of their day.
When they started on the scene, Deee-Lite’s futuristic, uniquely funky, jazzy “sampladelic” sound was something that no one had ever really heard before and it was obvious, from early on, seeing them at places like The Pyramid Club, Tunnel, and at the yearly Wigstock event, that they were going to be huge. Frankly I thought that they were destined for a more sustained career than they ended up having together. It’s difficult to point to the reason why that didn’t happen, because it wasn’t the music, which continued to be incredibly innovative, their videos were great and Lady Miss Kier—one of the top five foxiest girls in NYC and an instant style icon and a supremely confident front woman. She’s what they call a “belter,” like Ethyl Merman. Back then she was a tiny thing, but her voice had the power of seasoned soul diva. If your ever at the Casa for a soiree or a dinner party, rest assure their will be Deee-Lite on the turntable.......

And finally.... we can't forget their perennial favorite along with Bootsy Collins.....

Saturday, April 30, 2016


The long-running Altland’s Ranch in York County, PA, suddenly closed its doors. A representative for the owner saying the bar and restaurant’s demise was due to a downturn in customer numbers. Running since 1967, and commonly known in the area as simply as The Ranch, the venue was run from the late 1960s onwards by co-owners Rodney Nagle and his partner, Bernie, during which time it thrived. However, Bernie died in 2004, and since that time Nagle, who is now 77 and residing in a nursing home, had employed others to run the venue for him. Many LGBTQ venues in the past decade have faced difficulties as technology has provided an increasing number of ways in which gay people can meet one another.
At the time, being from the Harrisburg area, it was a bar just a 40 minute jaunt for the Mistress and clan. But this wasn't one of the big city, swanky venues your Mistress would usually attend. No, this place was way out, and when I say way out, I'm talking desolate. And it literally looked like a Ranch. The inside looked more like a large country bingo hall, with banquet tables set up, a sitting area, and two bars. At the front was a simple stage for shows I suppose, although I never saw one of those, and from time to time they had sent in a mechanical bull, Anne Marie or Cali Boi would have loved to rode!!!! But I must admit it was an experience to have. The owners and staff were all friendly, and their were most famous drink was not beer, but their infamous, mind altering Long Island Iced Teas. Never did I have two drinks for a night and would be completely wasted, and have my unborn children grow gills. My good friend Wayne , or Winfred as I call him, could put away countless numbers of these things. One night I decided to bring out my alter ego The Mistress Borghese. Well. at first, I think the patrons were very shocked to have this decadent but campy, high haired queen in their midst, with a Pucci-stque long backless gown on. Lesbians kept asking if I was a fabled lipstick lesbians! Well, after some time the crowd loosened up. And after my first 32oz long island, the Mistress started her shtick on the dance floor. Wouldn't you know it was a Deee-Lite number. Well to my surprise, two muscle bears came up to me, picked my up by the arms, and carried me off the floor to a plaid sofa, where I sat upon the back of it. They then proceeded to slide the sofa all over the floor while a was voging on the back of it!!!! Turned out to be a crowd pleaser. And also one of the Mistress's numerous visits. I can also remember being there one year when I huge blizzard hit. not a fun ride home. We stopped at a diner in York County mind you. I was in full drag!!!! I was never more nervous or scarred in my life. But I didn't care, we went in. It was homophobe central for sure. I got some looks, but thankfully nothing came of any alterations.
the famous sofa I took my ride on.
What it lacked in cosmetics it made up for in heart!  Many could never tell you any bar owners names at any of the gay bars they've been to over the years … but they sure could tell you Bernie and Rodney’s names. Since I moved to the Philadelphia area, it has been years since I was there, but the owners apparently were still  greeting and hugging their customers.  And I can also remember the music. It would be mostly top 40 and old disco classics, but with a pause in between each song, not mixed like in most clubs. They didn't have the djing technology I'm sure. but it all added to the ambiance. And if I'm not correct, they would end the evening with TLC'S Red Light Special. It was one of the few and only places I knew of where they played slow dance songs for a  slow dance. What a great ice breaker if you wanted to meet someone. Like this bartender chap....
one of their promo flyer with featured bartend model.

That little place in the country affected a lot of lives and will live in memories for ever. Altland’s Ranch was the last remaining local LGBTQ venue In York County, following the closure of Velvet Rope, Club XS and LUX. So how appropriate to end an era but with Red Light Special.....

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