Sunday, November 23, 2014


Well, yesterday's Candy Shop was all abuzz with Steven Dehler, so I thought tonight, to end the weekend, I'd share this delightful treat of Steven playing the keys, to one of my favorite classical songs, Clair de Lune. If he was here playing this, I wouldn't know whether to get teary eyed, for it's a beautiful song, or run across the room and jump him!!!!! What's more adorable? Him playing that cute little piano, him playing shirtless, the backward baseball cap, or him playing commando?!?!?!?!? Like I said, I like a guy who can tickle my ivories, oh, I mean tickle the ivories.

I would love to be awoken by this scene every day.


Most mornings around here are very active with excitement, besides me trying to get ready.... between all the birds and Bouvier. In addition to the doves, finch, nuthatches, chickadees, Tufted Titmice and the Jays, some new faces showed up this am!
Here's Bouvier today. I thought for a minute he was contemplating a flying leap over to the window. But no, he did come down to the door for his daily helping of nuts.
This shot cracks me up.....Bouvier stretched out long on the side of the tree. He stayed like that for what seemed like forever.....

In addition to the Red Headed Woodpecker I now also have a Downy......
 The yellow finch are still hanging around in search of thistle......
They too have landed on the sill to feed...very unlike finch to feed off of. They prefer feeders or sock bags
I have no idea what kind of bird this is...research required, but he was beautiful with a brilliant yellow and red stripe as one can see.
Mr. Cardinal is back on the sill. They are around year round, but when it gets cold they tend to show up at the trough with the rest.....
Bonnie and Clyde high up in the maple...keeping a watch over the Casa....
off to the left of them you'll see Bouvier's nest in the crook.
 Bonnie roosted on the window sill for about an hour after feeding. Can you believe this???
Out by the mailboxes yesterday I noticed the Black Eyed Junco's have returned to our area, and will soon be on the sill with the others. That is good evidence winter is coming,if you need more evidence.

Saturday, November 22, 2014


From the warped mind of the fabulous Willam comes this spoof, Hole Pic, of  the dance song Selfie. This time solo from her group of the now defunct DWV. And leave it to Willam to have some nice eye candy!


This week the Candy Shop is opening it's doors to the likes of some very delicious candy with some nice buff assets of Steven Dehler, who is a model, bartender, and a pretty good piano player. He is from Southern California if you couldn't tell from his blond hair and blue eyes. He been modeling for years now and seems to be a natural at it, showing us his wonderful assets, have you seen those legs... but says he won' do frontal nudity. A classy gal I'm guessing. I had just met his acquaintance and I'm not usually attracted to other blondes, but was very smitten with his looks and personality. I was even more happy to hear he plays for my team but, alas, has a long term boyfriend. So lets all sample from afar shall we.......

I love a guy that can tickle the ivories.....

Friday, November 21, 2014


I swear, Saturday is going to be a say something hat day for sure!!! I will have to apologize for being a bit absent this week, and I'm behind on visiting with everybody, but it has been a busy week for sure!!! And my heels are just killing me!!!! Between my regular work schedule, I have been busy at work with a charity I and a co worker over see. There is a local day care center for less fortunate families who can't afford regular daycare, and this place has services for children for a minuscule fee, and the school only gets some state money. We do various things for them through out the year, but I had gotten the idea for Thanksgiving to do a food bank. So this week, my co -worker and I have been busy getting together a food bag for 60 families for their dinner. It includes  fresh veggies, a bag of stuffing, jar of gravy, cranberry sauce, instant mashed potatoes and a few other things. We got a huge turn out at the store, and our VP of Operations heard, and even donated 60 turkeys!!!!!!!!!! It was a great success and we will deliver the bags to the school next Tuesday. So nice to know the parents will feel better about having a dinner for their kids should go hungry!!!
I have also been over to the local ASPCA. No, not to get Buster a sibling, but I have been thinking for some time of volunteering there to lend a helping hand with the cute dogs and cats there. Animals have always been a passion, and in addition to donations I make, I thought why not see if they need help with walking the dogs, feedings, or other things they may need help with. They will be getting back to me.
In addition to all that, I also visited with four ladies on doing their Christmas decorating for them. All of them have different needs and levels of decorating they want done, but I tell you, It pays well!!!!!! I have always done interior design freelance, so this will be another extension of that. I may have to invest in Blue Coat Gin!!!!! Then last night, my services were requested to paint a face and style a wig for a drag show for a good friend, which was a huge success!!!!
So with everything getting back to normal, I will be getting  back to normal round here, and be visiting soon, right after.......
While I soak, Miss Moorecock will take your calls. Tootles!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Always a favorite of ours......

Monday, November 17, 2014


Well, I had a most pleasant surprise this weekend as the Lad made a surprise visit  to the Casa du Borghese!!!! He showed up acting like a pizza delivery boy!!!!! And would you believe we never even left? We didn't eat out? And we didn't even go see any art, or head out to see friends? Nope.....stayed in and had a very relaxing weekend and on Saturday, even slept in till noon!!!!!!!!! But who cared, it felt great!!!!! But of course all good things must comes to an end, and Monday showed up again. But on the bright side, it's only 10 days now till we eat some bird and give some thanks!!!!!


.......OR ELSE!!!!!!
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