Friday, October 9, 2015


One of my favorite Brooklyn drag queens ......the fabulous Maddelynn Hatter performing at the amazing drag venue Drag Carnage, where only the most amazing queens are asked to perform.
Love this candid of Maddelynn on the right with Rhea Litre.

I just adore Maddelynn's creepy looks and style, and I swear, it's not just because we share the same name! Here is her number Stand Down by Little Mix, and if your so inclined, she also performs Lana Del Rey's Let Me Put on a Show For You, one of my favorite numbers from a queen. Gives me chills. If American Horror Story ever needs a drag queen....Maddelynn is it!!! 


We made's the weekend!!!!! Have you ever wondered how the Mistress handles
 to have a good, relaxed Friday? Well darlings here is my secret....
* Arrive at work late.
*Cock-a-tails before 10.
*3 Martini lunch.
*Post-lunch nap.
*Leave work early.
*Start weekend!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


There is always something to do in our great city of Philadelphia and surrounding area. I recently got two emails from readers who wonder what to see when in the area. One of them was from Monkey Tamer who will be in town this weekend. BEWARE! If you live here already or will be visiting, get out and enjoy some of the socials.
This weekend I and friends, and a good part of the LGBTQ community will be enjoying the beautiful fall weather for our 25th Outfestt!!! 
The largest National Coming Out Day event in the world in the heart of the Gayborhood! Our 25th Anniversary! Celebrate the city’s marvelous LGBTQ beautiful and historic community with music, alfresco dinning, and drinks, drag and live performances, shopping, outdoor dance parties and much more, all along the downtown streets. The festival will fill areas from Spruce Street to Walnut Street from Juniper to Quince streets. Click here for the complete festival map. Festivalgoers will also find an outdoor bar outside of Woody’s, an alfresco dance party in front of Tabu and karaoke outside of Knock. While the festival technically ends at 7 p.m., the party hardly stops then. Count on Outfest parties continuing until the wee hours at bars and restaurants throughout the Gayborhood. Looking for more on the Gayborhood? Check right here for even more ideas on ways to spend the weekend.
Also this weekend....
There is ALWAYS something going on at my ever faithful Raven Resort. Come hang and support us queens, and some lovely cock-a-tails! And soon to be added will be Striper Thursdays!!
And remember.....the first Fridays of every month is 1st Fridays. One of the area's best artwalks. There is nothing more picturesque then these two river towns in the Autumn. 
And then if your looking for a more laid back, crazy evening, you can join the Mistress and company at the Casa du Borghese for late night antics.......

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Are you wetting yourself with anticipation with the premiere of American Horror Story Hotel tomorrow night yet!?!
Well, I'm more than ready to check in for what looks like a very promising season. I was a bit leary of the talented Jessica Lange not coming back, and Gaga is not known for acting chops, but from the trailers coming fast and furious, she actually looks like she may be pretty campy and entertaining. In the last week, much has opened up now on the premises. To me,  I'm getting a campier, more fabulous and twisted Overlook Hotel from the Shining. The plot centers around the enigmatic Hotel Cortez in Los Angeles, California, that catches the eye of an intrepid homicide detective. The Cortez is host to the strange and bizarre, spearheaded by its owner, The Countess, who is a bloodsucking fashionista. This season will feature two murderous threats in the form of The Ten Commandments Killer, a serial offender that justifies his actions in accordance with biblical teachings; and The Addiction Demon, who roams the hotel, armed with a drill bit dildo. THAT should be entertaining! The season will also be interconnected to the first season, and will feature an appearance by the Murder House and its realtor Marcy, played again by the funny Christine Estabrook.
Being a big American Horror Story freak, I panicked and read through the list so fast I thought my eyeballs were going to fall out of my head. Despite some interesting changes, overall, I'm super excited about who they chose to star this season!
Gaga's character, Elizabeth/The Countess, is a fashion icon and owner of the Hotel Cortez. Created as a glamorous socialite character, The Countess maintains her beauty by imbibing human blood.
Wes Bentley, a detective, John Lowe, is investigating a series of brutal murders in Los Angeles, when he receives an enigmatic tip pointing him to the mysterious Hotel Cortez.
Rumors are swirling, though still not confirmed, Michelle Pfeiffer will be portraying one of the hotel's previous owners, Martina McBride! If this is true it would be a really cool change to the cast;Pfeiffer is iconic and a welcome breath of fresh air!

Finn Wittrock, the handsome devil made his debut on AHS as the adorably insane Dandy Mott, and he returns to check in to the hotel, and I'm freaking out. He'll play Tristan Duffy, a male model who will be involved in a love triangle with Gaga and Bomer. YAY!

Max Greenfield Another all new face to the Ryan Murphy crew, Max Greenfield has spent his career mostly playing comedic roles, most notably as New Girl's Schmidt. But we can expect something completely different from his role as an addict in Hotel, as the actor reportedly dropped a ton of weight and switched up his hairstyle to look the part. His story arc intersects with Sarah Paulson's Sally, and Ryan Murphy says that he's at the center of the series' "most disturbing scene" yet. Can't wait for that.

Matt Bomer had a short run in Freakshow, but he's back and starring in Hotel! His description is basically "goody-two-shoes that makes sure no one gets into trouble"...where's the fun in that, Matt?!

 Francis Conroy ,my personal favorite woman in the whole world is back for Hotel, and I probably might not have watched it if she wasn't. All I have to say is she's the greatest ever. I mean, Balenciaga great...

Cheyenne Jackson.This man's been nominated for Grammy awards for his performances in musical theater, and it doesn't hurt that he's kind of stunning. His character is a bellboy who "loves to gossip and is seen engaging in strange and suspicious behavior"...uh oh.

Kathy Bates will be running the hotel as Iris, and she's got a major feud with Sarah Paulson's Hypodermic Sally going, as well as something weird happening with her son, Bomer's Donovan. She also does crossword puzzles in her spare time. Dangerous!
Also checking will be of course, Sarah Paulson,Her character Sally will be a permanent resident at the Hotel, and she's got a huge rivalry going with Kathy Bates' Iris, and the reason behind it will reportedly be explained early on. As well, she's a dark relationship forming with Wes Bentley's character. Evan Peters will "be waiting for you in Room 64." If that's anything like Room 237, we're in for a treat.,  and Dennis O Hara as Liz Taylor ,a hotel bar entertainer who is obsessed with the classic actress and assumes that he is her. He works in the Blue Parrot Lounge. Angela Bassett, the sexy Ramona Royale, who is a famous actress who goes over the top but never belittles herself to land a part, despite that often being asked of her. She isn't a hotel resident, but she travels there often, and a lot of it has to do with her romantic relationship with Lady Gaga's Elizabeth. Through out the rest of the season add to that mix the likes of Chloë Sevigny,Lily Rabe portraying seriel killer Aileen Wuornos, Mare Winningham, Darren Criss, Mädchen Amick. Rumors are too also expect Emma Roberts back for a few shows, and Donald Sutherland has been mentioned. But the icing on the cake could be Naomi Campbell.
Her character is set up for a multi-episode arc here, and she'll play a fashion editor whose critiques on certain someones will cause her to pay the ultimate price. She'll be involved closely with Gaga's Elizabeth and Bassett's Ramona. Just watching her get her demise could be worth the whole season. Any bets she'll be beat to death with a cell phone? 

Monday, October 5, 2015


Of all places too, at work. My clan of friends always jokes the only ex husband or ex boyfriend to be seen after any of my break ups is the ex Boy-Toy. For years prior, no ex as ever been seen or heard from again.....till last week.
I never claimed I didn't turn and burn them.


I must say, what a must relaxing weekend I had. Probably the first weekend all to my self, since May or June!!!! It was very rainy, windy and damp...but I didn't care, I was able to lounge around in my briefs, snuggle in blankets, light all the candles, and have a couple oink fests while watching the latest in horror movies for the season. Can I tell you it was heaven? I guess this means I have greeted fall finally with open arms.... warming beverages, sweatpants around the house, and watching the goddess Demeter slowly sending Persephone off departing to the underworld........
Happy Monday all!!!


Which shoes to start the week with?

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Whether Buster Bolfig Borghese is at his city or country house, there is never a dull moment. But I have noticed from the picture the ex-boy toy sends, I have concerns Buster is picking up bad table habits at the city house....
Next thing you know, when at the country pied de terre, he'll expect his dinner at the table. Like he would do that.
moving on.........
When Buster is with his Mistress, he has plenty of play mates, starting with the lovable Lilith, my Aunt and Uncle's Ridgeback/Lab mix.
Lillth is actually on way to the ancestral home, as my aunt and uncle find her hard to handle at their age, with her height and energy. So the Mother has taken her in. Just look at that face will you???
She is definitely a kitchen dog. Where there is cooking...she's there.
The other neighborhood Buster is my neighbor's Boston Terrier, who likes to ride in the wheel barrow from time to time......
And has been know to wear the Mistress aviators to be incognito.
The Capital Street Duo's dog Philly!!! The Dame has since gone in to his own business with his talents of a floral designer and is working out of his house. Well one afternoon, he had the whole first floor loaded with white hydrangea, with one narrow walk way. Philly walked thru it, and then couldn't back out, so gave up and just sat. How cute is he?????
I'm betting he'd make a nice accessory to my Cruella Deville one year.
My neighbor Nathan I talked about here and his dog Harvard, who is a Great Dane/Lab mix,is quite full of energy and is still considered a puppy.....
Size doesn't matter with Buster. He plays with him like he's the big dog!
If Buster is here when the Lad is in town, Buster gets along very well with Ms.Lucy. They almost look the same......
Buster has yet to meet Bella, my friend Eylsa'a Papillion puppy. They will meet on the upcoming Aids Walk. But already the poor thing has picked up on the Mistress's habits.....
But truth be told, at the end of the day, Buster enjoys his time with his Mistress most I believe....
or not....
Can one really begrudge Buster anything?
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