Monday, April 24, 2017


Washington Crossing and Bucks County might not be known as wine country, but that's set to change if the owners of Crossing Vineyards have anything to say about it.
Since opening Crossing Vineyards and Winery in 2000, they have built up a reputation for superior vintages that blend technology and expertise with a careful attention to craftsmanship and an eye to the unique local terroir. Ah, yes, there cannot be a more perfect time of year to go winery hopping, and here our fair hamlet we are lucky enough to have our very own slice of Napa cradled in the outskirts of New York City and Philadelphia, with four vineyards.....yes, I see a tour coming.
Here in Bucks County, which is not the first place you think of for wine producing country, but none the less, a good friend and I  visited a lovely vineyard in Washington's Crossing, a small town up  river from New Hope and not far from the lazy Delaware River, the spot where Washington crossed the Delaware during the Revolutionary War.It was a perfect 70 degrees, sun shining amidst a cloudless sky, which seemed to heighten every one of my senses in the most fantastic way. The Crossing Vineyards and Winery, a two-hundred year old estate, is a charming plot of land with swirling vineyards, floating butterflies and a whimsical little garden that looks out to acres of stunning property. The winery has been written up by The New York Times and was awarded the gold medal at the 2010 International Eastern Wine Competition. And after tasting their fare, I can see why.
Opened in 2000, the winery has become one of the best of its kind in the area. The success of the  fruitfully, robust grapes can be partially attributed to the use of laser planting technology which creates perfectly straight rows for optimal vine growth.
Yesterday when we visited we opted for the “standard” tasting.  Tastings are held in a large, dimly-lit cellar on a long U-shaped table where guests gather around. We tasted a total of 12 wines, five whites, four reds, and 3 dessert wines.  I will not claim to be a connoisseur, but I have tasted some excellent wines in my day, and overall I was extremely pleased with the selections I sampled.
The staff was extremely friendly and very knowledgeable. The wine attendants at each station gave facts and the flavors of each wine. For $15 that included our tasting, and then one full glass of your choice at the end.  But you know your dear Mistress bought a bottle, as did my friend, and we enjoyed it with a huge selection of meats and cheeses. What a lovely afternoon. Of course I came home with a bottle too. How could I pass up on the Wildberry?

On the way home I even stopped in Washington's Crossing to snap a few gratuitous pictures.
The bridge above was of course not there then, but this is the spot. Below , on the stone "landing" is the spot where Washington and his troops pushed off to cross the river. One almost gets chills knowing all this history took place. Or was it the wine???

And this last shot is strictly for Bob. It reminds me of his Architecture Wednesday post. This home is on River Road heading back into New Hope. Boy, I can only imagine their views!!!!!
What a great way to celebrate Earth Weekend.

MONDAY'S ENTRANCE's Monday...again. Have you ever wondered how I show up for work??? How I look? Well here it is........

Go ahead...just tell me it's Monday .......

Sunday, April 23, 2017


It's been a lovely weekend so far, and one where I'm at the Casa for once. I do have plans later today. It's been nice to be able to have breakfast at my table this morning with homemade sticky buns, the kind you eat, not mine. I made some yesterday with nice huge walnuts on top, and I'm devouring them with coffee! Nice to just sit, listening to classical on the radio, and watching the boyd's out the window. They are eating me at of house and home I tell you. My neighbor was over for brunch yesterday so we could gossip, and she was amazed at the visitors I get. So who stopped by this weekend......I'll wait, till the cat owners go get their cats..... and for dear Abbey and Tar....

The doves are here everyday. I have even found them roosting and sleeping on the still you may recall from other post.
Bonnie is looking plump.....I think egg time is coming.
After eating she and Clyde always retire to the tree to roost for some time. At times I get upwards of 16 doves on the sill.
The Downy Woodpecker has been active .
The red bellied woodpecker was by a lot , but you have to be very still to get his picture, he's fast. This time of year I get cardinals. It's really the only time I see them feed on the  sill, especially the male. They both were on the sill, but I missed the opportunity.  I have also watched the male take seeds to the tree where the female is branched and he feeds her. Have you ever seen that???
The golden finch are molting back to there yellow color. I'll have to get the seed socks out quick. They will feed on the sill though.

One of my favorites...the Nuthatch. They are so comical to watch and then there's that cackle.

This spring I have seen upwards of 8-15 Starlings of the sill. Talk about pigs! They are pretty to see up close, and they will mingle with the other birds, unless the whole sill is Starlings, then they chase away incoming diners.
The dainty Chickadee......
Outside, I spotted the Blue Jay couple near the flower bed. They too will feed on the sill with the other birds, if it's not crowd. One must be quick with the camera to capture them. One slight fast movement and forget it. The only bird I have seen them get frisky with is the red bellied woodpecker while on the sill. And the pecker gives it right back.

Can you spot Bouvier trying to be incognito?
He later came down to receive his nuts when he saw me with the bag.
And then there is the cuties bird of them all.....this bird dog......
As you can see...nesting of course.

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Don't blame me, blame JP...he opened the can of worms and now got me on a ABBA kick....perfect for any Saturday night. How do you not like ABBA?


Adam Cowie, born in 1988, in London, England, is a British model. This 6-foot-2 stunner started his modeling career in 2009 as the face of Schultz underwear. This then followed by a campaign for “Ursus” beer commercial. By 2010, Cowie started to change his look by cutting down, leaning up, and growing his beard. Fashion designers quickly noticed his strong masculine and chiselled look and soon he had major jobs lined up. But if truth be told, I think he would make one yummy houseboy. Should I offer him a position you think????? Ahhhhhhh, that jaw line.......
Can't you just hear that lovely accent????
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